SePem® 02 Noise Loggers

A set of 6 Leak Noise Loggers designed for the unmanned detection of water leakage.

Key Benefits

Noise logging is a low-cost and effective alternative to night-work. The loggers measure the intensity of noise during a pre-defined period of time. During that period, they look for the lowest noise level when no or the least possible interference is expected, typically between 2-4 am. If the level is very low (measuring nearly 0) at this point of time, then there is no leak near the SePem®. A high & consistent measured value is a sure indication of a leak.

SePem® can be used in a couple of different ways. The individual loggers can be deployed throughout the area of interest over a period of one or two nights and the results stored for analysis using SePem® software.

Alternatively, with the addition of the GSM extension module, the loggers can be permanently deployed at key points and remotely downloaded. This allows critical areas of the network to be monitored with a greatly reduced input of time & effort.

System Components

SePem® K with noise sensor. Modular system fitted with changeable sensors, e. g. SePem® G (noise sensor) enables different applications of the same logger. Also useable as pressure logger in combination with other sensors.

Flexible power supply. Possibility to use Alkaline batteries or accumulators. When using accumulators with the SePem®, charging can be done inside the instrument.

SePem®, prepared to be mounted in an under-ground fire-hydrant.
No water contact required.
Further adapter for the coupling to valves, above-ground fire-hydrant or other fittings are available as accessories.

Charging adapter 6-fold for accommodation or charging as well as transport 6 SePem® units – designed to be piled up.

The Software

Database Features

The communication and evaluation software offers extensive functions. Not only the control and check-up of the single measurements, but also a comfortable administration of measuring points as well as the generation of lists to classify the logger to the corresponding measuring points.

Read-out of results







Technical Data


System Requirements for Software

Processor: At least P II, 350 MHz 128 MB RAM (recommended P III, 600 MHz, 256 MB RAM)

Available Hard-disk Memory: 80 MB
Operating system: Windows NT 4.0; 2000; XP; ME; 98
Software: MS Internet Explorer 5.01

Hardware: Sound Card


Image Part # Description Brochure Manual Price (US$)
SD01-10003 SePem 02 Noise Loggers (Set of 6)  9,995.00
  SD01-10101 Additional Loggers (ea.)     995.00
SD01-10203 SePem Hydrophones (ea)     695.00

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