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New STREAM C - 35 Antenna, Dual Polarizing Ground Penetrating Radar

The Stream C represents a substantial improvement in real time surveys with greatly increased detection and productivity.

The solution is available in two versions:

  • a compact, lightweight array that can be pushed over all terrain

  • a drive assisted array with electronic ride height adjustment

·         Massive array of 34 antennas in two polarizations:  this enables an accurate 3D reconstruction of the underground utility network to be created in a single scan.

·         Automatic Pipe Detection (APD): real-time automatic detection of buried pipes and cables

·         Compact size: Stream C’s small dimensions enable it to survey areas inaccessible to larger array systems while maintaining the same accuracy.

·         Robust construction: built to the highest standards and with hardwearing materials so that it can be used in harsh, demanding environments.

·         3D radar tomography: real-time tomography on a GPS or total station assisted cartographic background.

·         OneVision: real-time acquisition software with APD

·         Professional subsurface survey: pipes, cables and buried objects can be automatically transferred to CAD and GIS formats, allowing a complete subsurface GIS based digital map to be quickly produced.

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We also have a complete range of Pipe & Cable Locators, including Acoustic & the Utra-Trac Acoustic Pipe Locator (APL) for plastic pipe location.

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