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Pipe Patch No Dig Sewer & Drain Repair

Sewers and Drains provide a vital function in keeping things moving in all types of environments, including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal.

When they fail, it can often be expensive and time consuming to repair, never mind the costs of any damage.

Instead of excavating & trenching a new line or relining the entire pipe, why not simply "patch" the damaged section with a short, specialized repair liner?

This is especially important when the repair is under a slab or other 'sensitive' area where excavation just isn't an option.

Usiing small pan & rotate inspection cameras, we are able to place an extremely strong fiberglass & resin patch liner right where it's needed.

Typically, we are able to do this through existing clean outs or other access points.

Once the patch is in place, the curing time is less than 2hrs, so the pipe is back in use the same day.

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