Water Leak Detection Products & Services

Edenbros offers a range of Data Loggers including:

Acoustic Loggers (SePem155)  

Flow & Pressure Loggers (PTRI Series, TRID Series & TRIDT-P Transient Series)

Our data loggers come as either stand alone units for field deployment and subsequent retrieval & download or as telemetry linked systems that communicate back to base.

We provide simple, single channel through to multi-channel loggers with built-in controller functionality. We also offer a range of sensors as well as customized packages, tailored to you specific requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Rugged design & construction, to IP69
  • Range of power options, from long life battery to solar power
  • High spec. military connectors
  • Large range of sensors
  • Design & customization to provide specific solutions
  • Interpretation and database software
Description Price ($)
Single Channel Data Loggers from ... 295
Multi-Channel Data Loggers from ... 450
Transient Pressure Loggers from ... 1495
Acoustic Logger Systems from ... 9,995
Correlating Radio Loggers Systems from ... 13,995


We also have a complete range of Ultrasonic & Doppler Flow Meters for Pipes & Open Channels

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