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PipeMic-M & PipeMic-XL Water Leak Locators

PipeMic allows accurate leak location by utilizing a sensitive microphone inside the pipe that is able to detect the smallest and multiple leaks. The entire rod and microphone head can both be located using a standard pipe & cable locator and a built-in counter provides leak position verification.

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Technical Specification


design: aluminium die casting / glass fibre
dimensions: 570 x 400 x 160 mm
diameter: glass fibre: 4.5 mm
measuring head: 12 mm
length: 570 mm basket - max. 120 m
weight: 7 kg
pipe lock: 16 bar
temperature range: 0°C up to 50°C
safety class: IP 66 / IP 68
locating depth: up to 3.5 m

PipeMic XL

Design/construction: galvanized steel tube
dimensions for 750 mm basket: 750 x 380 x 830 mm
dimensions for 1000 mm basket: 1000 x 390 x 1080 mm
diameter: glass fibre 9 mm
sensor head 20 mm
length: 750 mm basket - max. 150 m
1000 mm basket - max. 300 m
pipe lock: 16 bar
connection: GK coupler
transmission: Bluetooth 2.0
battery operation: 9 V Block
operation time: > 12 h
temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
protection class: IP 66 / IP 68
locating depth: up to 3,5 m


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