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VARIOTEC® 460 -Detecting Water Leaks using Hydrogen Tracer Gas

Tracer gas is an extremely useful tool to find water leaks particularly on small diameter pipes, such as customer services and internal plumbing.

Method of operation

The tracer gas, a mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, is introduced into the pipe with the suspected leak. The gas, being the lightest element and made up of small molecules, will exit through the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected by the highly sensitive Variotec® 460 gas detector.

Variotec® 460 - In use


The surface over the route of the pipe is searched for traces of gas using one of a selection of probes.

The VARIOTEC® 460 Tracer gas was developed especially for leak detection on underground pipes by using tracer gas. It is characterized by an outstanding price to performance ratio.

The extraordinarily low cross sensitivity of the gas-sensitive semiconductor (SC) with regard to moisture and methane ensures an absolutely sure result and a resolution down to 0.1 ppm H2.

Thanks to an innovative operating concept, a large display and simple menu structure, device operators can quickly get reliable results.

In combination with the bell probe D80 you can achieve outstanding reaction times.

The expanded measuring range of the thermal-conductivity sensor, up to 100 % vol. H2 easily allows for further measuring tasks.

Save your measurements and transmit the results using the USB interface on the computer.

The 4 AA-size rechargeable batteries can be charged in just 3 hours and the operating time is at least 8 hours. As an alternative, you can use disposable batteries.

The large LCD display instantly responds to any changes in gas levels.

Variotec 8 tracer gas for finding water leaks display

The escaping gas concentration is displayed both numerically and by a pseudo analogue scale making it very clear where the highest readings are obtained.

The sensors used (there are two to allow more precise readings) and the measuring scale automatically switch between the most suitable range but can also be scaled manually to refine the search area.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen, at 5% in a balance of nitrogen, is:
  • Non Flammable
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Corrosive
  • Totally Safe
  • Commonly used as a blanket gas in welding so is cheaply and readily available from all the standard gas suppliers
  • Is the smallest and lightest molecule so permeates all surfaces including concrete, asphalt, block paving and grass, rising quickly to the surface
  • Rapidly disperses in air allowing you to home in quickly on the source
  • Hydrogen is renewable and cheap
  • Hydrogen doesn't occur naturally, so no false positives

Variotec 460 Locating Probes

  • Carpet probes for long stretches of smooth surfaces
  • Bell probes which concentrate the gas for localizing in undergrowth or on smooth surfaces such as kitchen floors
  • Hand probes both telescopic and flexible to reach into awkward areas
  • Cone probes for localization in bar holes you make in the ground

Charging Carry Case

  • Parts and accessories are stored neatly in the hard protective carrying case
  • The VT460 may be charged directly from a 12 V vehicle socket or from the mains
  • The detector can be charged whilst remaining in the case


Sample intake: Via built-in membrane pump
Operating time: ≈ 8 hours (with pump)
Power supply: AA x 4 (Rechargeable)
Weight: 1.5 Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 129x192x65 mm
Operating temperature: -10 °C ... +40 °C
Storage temperature: -25 °C ... +70 °C
Protected to: IP 54
Calibration: Tracer gas

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