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Faults on buried cables can be very difficult to locate without specialist equipment. Eden Brothers has all the latest equipment as wee as expertise to locate your buried cable faults.

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Eden Brothers has been locating faults on underground utilities for over 20 years and has the latest equipment to locate you buried cable faults quickly and efficiently.

The 'faulty' cable needs to be disconnected at both ends so the only path to ground is at the buried fault(s). A special signal is applied to one end and then points of leakage to ground are identified using and 'A-Frame' measuring probe.

If the 'faulty' cable is withina  conduit that does not permit leakage to ground (e.g. plastic duct) then a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) is used to send a pulse down the line and measure the reflection from the fault. The distance to the fault is then measured.

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