Water Leak Detection Products & Services

Edenbros offers a range of Ultrasonic & Doppler Flow Meters, as well as Strap-On Heat / Energy Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meter / Loggers (PortaFlow Portable UltraSonic Clamp On Meters & UltraFlo Permanent UltraSonic Meters)

Doppler Flow Meter / Loggers (StingRay Portable Doppler Velocity & Flow Meters for Sewers & Open Channels)

Heat / Energy Meters (Ultraflo U1000 HM)

Our Ultrasonic & Doppler flow meters are designed to allow easy monitoring of flows in closed and open pipes & channels without any need to cut or modify the existing infrastructure.

Similarly, our Heat / Energy meters are easily installed and provide a quick & reliable method of energy monitoring.

Key Benefits

  • Rugged design & construction
  • Range of power options, from long life battery to solar power
  • Design & customization to provide specific solutions
  • Interpretation and database software
Description Price ($)
UltraSonic Portable Flow Meters / Loggers from ... 1,099
UltraSonic Permanent Flow Meters / Loggers from ... 3,115
Doppler Portable Flow Meters / Loggers from ... 3,325
Doppler Permanent Flow Meters / Loggers from ... 1,785
Heat / Energy Meters from ... 1,987


We also have a complete range of Data Loggers, including Flow, Pressure & Acoustic.

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